Elements started out as a record label, using the concept of the earths elements as inspiration and how that translates into electronic music. The first release came out in November 2014 with a three track EP from Rebekah who explored the fire element and what that represented to her. The second EP is due out in May 2017 and will be an exploration of the element of earth from illusive Hamburg producer Valura and also features interpretations from Lag and Rebekah. The focus of this project is to not work with deadlines and a need to push music out for the sake of it but rather to unravel the creativity of the elements as and when the right music appears.

Extending the narrative from label to events series, Elements have seen 4 parties across Europe. The first being premiered in Rebekah’s hometown of Birmingham with the others following in Rotterdam, Rome and Dublin respectively. Each allowing her to exhibit both her own music and the music of some of the most exciting producers in contemporary techno on the international stage.

The events explore the intersection of light and music, visual imprinting, and the cultivation of immersive environments that take the listener through disparate sonic components. Her colleague and visual artist, Malika Maria, spearhead’s Elements spatial experience with experimental videos. Her work explores the chaos, darkness, and horror that resides within the recesses of the human mind, and focuses on montages that capture the energy inherent in techno and digital media.